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Knowing From the Heart

Before we continue with my story, maybe a little history lesson is needed for those who were living under a rock for the past seventy years.

So low and behold, in a country a long, long time ago far, far away. In post war America right after we won the Second World War. There were scientists from all over working on a secret project to rid humans of weakness over pathogens, germs, and diseases in general. But the problem was that medicine needed always to be updated and reworked so we could survive the next super bugs that were always being discovered. 

That is when the group of scientists in the early sixties went in a total new direction. See, they were sick of using humans' genes, there were messy and overly complicated, and that's when it hit them.

Why use messy human genes we it was easier to mess with animal genes instead. So then, they went to work for the next five years, trying to find the perfect way to get animal genes into humans. And that was just it, our bodies didn't like it when we put new things into it. Even other human organs, but if they were to tweak the body just a bit, to change it to that of an animal's genes, with small bits of radiation, combined with special electric emitters that shook the genes to break them up at the molecular level and copying say a gene of a lizard's, it might just accept the "super organs.".

But they failed, every time, no matter what they threw at it. But that is when they discovered in the final years before the seventies. Then manipulated genes stuck in the test subject's body. When they made passive genes, that of minor behavior and ascetics like hair, eyes, skull structure, and hands their bodies would accept them. So in the year 1972, they started going public on a brand new study, a study that would change the meaning of humanity. And at first they were ignored by the public, and in 1973 they had a break through, no longer did they need expensive radiation therapy with the gene manipulation, but a non-invasive electron-frequency that could reshape genes in replacement to breaking them down first.

And their test subjects were then put up against the certain diseases, some including STD, the common cold, and the measles. And in the year 1977, they were given full funding by the CDC, and military. And by the end of the year of 1979, they were FDA approved to start mass "healing" of the general public. That is when they got the attention of a multimillionaire company that wanted to use what was now known as "Genetic Anthropomorphic Health and Study." As a base for a new product for the public. And with a hefty donation, the company took on a new branch of the company called "Genes Improvised.". Were they gave those who had good insurance the chance to change their body to that of any animal they wanted. And with the help of the new human rights revolution of the 1980s, "anthro-isation" became of fashion statement, And with more and more improvements for the next five years, suddenly the fad hit all over the world, mostly in Europe, with its American brother right behind it.

But this is only the beginning of our story, for a certain women was at the forefront of our young protagonist as a hopeful light to guide him.

Chapter 2

I was climbing downstairs when I saw her looking out the open door. We usually kept it open during the summer to keep the house cooler, as the ac was broken and we were waiting to get it fixed. As I walked downstairs, she had her head looking into the afternoon sun her tail wagging happily back and forth, her ears were shifting back and around as if she was intently listening to something outside.
This luckily kept me distracted enough to the strange feelings that were floating around my head, what was wrong with me? But before I could think any further the last step made a loud enough squeak to get her attention. She turned her head to me and she gave me a bright smile, her ears perking up as she spoke.

"So can you come over?!" She said excitedly.

"He said it was ok, just to be back before dar-" That is when she grabbed my left hand and with a happy squeal that sounded like she just got a large bowl of ice cream with chocolate fudge on top, she whisked me away through the door and down the stairs the porch.
My eyes squinted in the sudden change in light, and it must have really been bright that day, as I could of sworn she had a halo of golden white light around her head. But it didn't last for long as she walked quickly dragging me behind her down the block past the road to the bottom of the block to the house that still had a for sale sign up with a large yellow sticker saying "sold" plastered over the wooden post.
That is when I saw her mom, who to my surprise was a large effeminate anthropomorphic fox. She had what seemed to be a black blouse on, and dark blue jeans.

She had deep blue eyes, and a caring mixed laid back expression about her, and she seemed to not notice too much, that is when Rio spoke up. "Hi mom!" Her mother then turned from what she was doing to see her daughter who to my eyes seemed a foot shorter than her mother. Rio hopped up into her mom's arms for a quick hug. That is when her mom laid her eyes on me, with a slight confused look that turned into a warm smile. "Awww, and who is your little friend sweetie?" She giggled as she put Rio down, then walked over to me. I was still taken aback slightly still not used to her animal-est presence as she knelled down face to face, and gently offered me a hand shake. She giggled as I looked up to her, nervously, but quickly covered her laugh. "And what is your name young man?"

I blushed slightly, for an older lady, she was kinda pretty. But I found some slight courage seeing Rio's bright green eyes, waiting excitedly as her tail whipped back and forth, ears high, and smiling widely.

"My name is Thomas, I-" She then then dawed with her eyes as she took my hand and held it gently in her grip, her hands, though had claws, had well kept orange red fur. Her padded paws though, were very warm, and very soft to the touch, it felt weird, but nice. After a slightly awkward hand shake, she let go and then looked to Rio, who then grabbed my arm. "Can Thomas have lunch with us?" That is when I noticed something off, I felt, what I thought was her heartbeat through my embraced arm, and it felt like it was racing, why was she so excited, I didn't get it at first, but it just made me feel warm inside, and happy. I just felt content, or what I thought was content, as this was a new feeling for me.

That is when I got a good look of  Rio's front room. It was slightly spacious, with a eggshell white decor, with iron colored shaded lamps two for each of the four walls, with a way to the kitchen with an arced opening.
But I wasn't able take in the scenery as I felt a soft grip grab my arm again, this is something I would be getting used to, and to be honest, I couldn't live without it.

Rio: "Tommy, Tommy, I have to show you my room, you're into anime right?!" She suddenly said in a excited tone.
Thomas: "Ani-me?" I said trying to think of what it could mean, my thoughts rushed to everything I knew as she pulled me down the hallway. And before I could protest polity it had already been too late.
When I first came to her house, she showed me her mom's work station, this included a brand new 2002 flat screen monitor, and old but beefy 1998 dell. The walls were a dull white, with green painted ceiling, her walls however were covered with various posters of the games Rio's mom designed, each poster done by her mother.

Rio then dragged me to her room, it had a white ceiling, and four bright pink walls that had more posters of anime, games and movies that I could name off hand, she had a large wooden desk at the south wall of her room, it had magazines of Fur-teen life, and Shojin Manga.
And scattered around it was makeup containers, they were specially made for Anthro women who had fur, a soften blend of powder and special non toxic material that blended nicely with their fur, and with the special material made it so it could stick well, but wash off and not matt their fur. There were mostly red, brown, and a pink colored ones.

Her bed had a female anime girl with purple hair as her bed sheet, with a matching black pillow, and purple under sheet. All on a large twin sized bed, that could barely fit in the rest of the room. And on her door there was all sorts of photos of her and her mom, and a male Anthro that looked to be a German Shepard. He was in what looked like some kind of military uniform, they all looked so happy in it.
There were other pictures of her with ,what I was assuming, her friends, a polar bear girl with deep blue eyes, a wolf or husky with silvery fur mixed with black. And a simian like girl with dark golden fur. Other photos at her at past conventions while Rio was wearing various costumes of different characters to which, however, I only recognized one. The one of her playing misty, from Pokemon, she had her hair dyed the same orange, and arranged the same way as Misty's did in the show, with the one pigtail at an angle. She even had her overalls and red shirt. She looked adorable. She was behind me happily staring at me wagging her tail at a quick but soft pace. Her ears were perked up, as if she was waiting for me to give her my critique.

"I love your room, it so cool, and the fact you get to go to so many places and-" I started to ramble on how my parents never took me to conventions and how they only let me watch certain shows, and loved that she had so many friends, I really didn't have that many friends, but it wasn't all bad, I was too excited and distracted by all the cute cos-play costumes Rio was wearing in the pictures, I didn't even notice I was blushing. Rio must have had picked this up as she was right behind me, she was really close, and I could feel this. But at the age of eight, and still just discovering girls, I was clueless that she was trying to make it a moment.

But right before Rio was; I was assuming; to turn me around to take me off the grand tour of her home, her mom called for us, saying lunch was ready, and at that. she held my left hand and happily lead me to their kitchen.

During lunch. Rio's mom asks me about my family, I mention how my mom is always protecting me from the mean animals that started working at the local target that was a few miles away from my neighborhood.

Thomas: "She says that if I talk to them they might get mad at me, and I should just leave them alone. I don't know, they seem nice to me." I pause trying to remember. "This one time, when mom wasn't looking, I asked this really tall silver wolf lady why she was with a normal person. She smiled at me and said he was her boyfriend, so I thought she meant he just her friend. And when my mom saw me she walked really quick over to me and dragged me away from her, the pretty wolf lady looked really sad at my mom. And when I asked my mom what a boyfriend was, she hurt my wrist, though I think it was on accident," I look down for a second trying to remember what happened next. "And she didn't let go until I told her what exactly the animal said to me, I told her, and that she wasn't an animal, The lady told me her name was Amythist, and she was an Anthro-american. My mom got really mad at me and sounded really mean when she said-" This time I felt a tiny bit of a chill and continued. "that is a very bad thing, and don't you dare think they are people and they don't love normally like a nice young human lady could ever give you."
The room went silent. Rio's mom looked shocked, and just shook her head, but then Mrs. Naski quickly ended it. "Rio sweetie, you and Thomas can play some games, and I'll call you guys when it's time for him to go home ok?" Rio smiled innocently, as if the previous conversation was as normal as hearing anything else. And for a while I thought it was her being in denial,but her mom at an early age had told her. "Rio, you are going to have a lot of people tell you, that you aren't a real person, and they are right, you are a special kind of person, and one day you will meet someone who will tell you that, and when you do, you will know you have met a good friend."

Rio's mother then went into her work room, her face was a deep scowl, something that would be known to me later as an indignant frown. But it wasn't at what I said to her that made her angry. Rather it was what my mom told me and what my family had thought about the whole Anthro community. I was beginning to regret ever saying it, I felt bad that I had made her upset after she seemed so happy to meet me. Often times I was always blamed for others' anger, through what they said to me, and how they said it. They would not directly tell me it was my fault it most of the time. It was usually in their tone, and how they looked at me, and I have learned to always take the blame, even if it wasn't my fault.
I wasn't sure why Rio's mom stormed out of the kitchen. She seemed so easy going about pretty much everything, but for some reason the words my mom told me got to her. The rest of the afternoon went pretty smoothly, I even learned of new magazines I should get called. "Furry Life Magazine" I have seen the cover of one at the store dozens of times but was always afraid to read them in case my mom caught me. But now that I had, it had stories of furry kids my own age that was given full on genetic treatment but with only some of his outside body replaced by animal parts.

 The story talked about how the boy was born with cancer, and that non of the radiation treatments were working on his body. So they gave him what was known as. "gene-splicing", with this they had to replace certain strands of mutated DNA that caused cancer cells to activate, including some new bits of DNA to help combat and get rid of it with certain animal DNA introduced into his body. And with gradual steps he was given naked mole rat DNA, sadly the technology at the time wasn't as gradual as it was today, as this procedure happened about five years ago. And it was because of this the boys eyes in the picture looked dilated. That and his face now had black whiskers. But other than that he looked human. Well, that may have been a bit inaccurate as the last side affect due to needing more than an aesthetic changes left him permanently bald. 

The last section talked about him being split between two groups at school, one being normal humans, and the Anthro kids. I felt bad for him as he apparently didn't really fit into either due to his change not being fully one or the other. Oddly enough as it turns out there were more, "half-furries" like him in terms of style being popularized in Japan.

But I noticed it was almost three, and I knew my mom would freak if she knew I went to a girls house for lunch, let alone if she found out it was a Anthro girl. So I said my goodbyes to Rio, who looked kinda sad at first but was still happy enough to have met me. She quickly gave me a bear hug. Along with some of her perfume left on my shirt. And with an embarrassed blush I walked back home.
Furry Tale Ch.2
This is the continuation of my last chapter. If you are new to the short story or skipped to this chapter, this involves the life of Thomas, a human boy who had just met his first Anthro-american, genetically modified humans who have chosen the new life style of turning into human like animals. A ever growing popular style, but as it were, it isn't favored much ,to put it lightly, to the religious, and some conservitive groups across the world. And sadly for Thomas, his family is one of them.

I hope you enjoy this chapter. And lucky for me, the third one is almost finished. Please comment and favorite if you like it. =D


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